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Glucose Tolerance Test Instructions

To have the “GTT” you must be fasted for at least 8-12 hours. This means NOTHING to eat. Water IS allowed in the morning before you start the test. You cannot drink water during the test. You should make a booking with the collection centre for as early as possible in the morning after fasting overnight.

You will have a blood test on arrival (a “fasting” glucose level) then be given a sugar drink. You will then need another blood test ONE hour and TWO hours after the drink (ie a total of 3 blood tests). The result will be available within 2 days. Please call the rooms for the result if you are not contacted. If the result is normal then you do not have diabetes and no further tests will be required.

If the result is high, then you have pregnancy related diabetes. If this is the case, you will have further appointments arranged for you with a dietician, diabetic educator and a physician. In most cases the “diabetes” can be controlled with dietary changes. As far as the pregnancy is concerned, I would need to see you more frequently and arrange some additional tests. There is no need to worry. If you do have diabetes of pregnancy, everything will be explained in more detail at your next appointment.