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  1. Instructions After Loop (LLETZ) procedure or Cone Biopsy
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Instructions After Loop (LLETZ) procedure or Cone Biopsy

It is suggested that you keep this information sheet until after you have had your post-operative check. If you or your general practitioner have any queries regarding any of these matters please do not hesitate to contact me.

There is usually no pain following treatment but you may experience period like cramping abdominal pain. This is usually relieved simply by paracetamol or “panadeine” tablets. Please contact me if you have any severe or increasing pain which is not relieved by the above measures.

It is normal to have a slight blood stained discharge for two to three weeks following the treatment: this is part of the healing process. It may become quite watery after 2 weeks. Heavier bleeding is unusual but eases with rest and ‘putting your feet up;. If you have bleeding which is heavier than your normal period please contact me.

Sometimes the menstrual pattern is disturbed. Your next period may be early, late or be missed completely. It may be light or heavy. If you are taking the oral contraceptive pill you should continue to take it as usual.

You should NOT have sexual intercourse, use tampons, have baths or go swimming for the first three weeks following the treatment while the cervix is healing. I will usually see you in my office for a post operative check up at about 3 weeks.

You may be prescribed antibiotic vaginal cream or tablets. Please follow the
instructions regarding this.

Your continued follow up is vital. There is a small risk that you will have further abnormal pap smears and an ongoing or recurrent problem on your cervix. This can only be detected at your follow up appointments. If you are unable to keep an arranged appointment please ensure that you make another one as soon as possible for your own well being.

If you experience any problems please call my office on 9417 1156 or for urgent matters after hours please page me on 9387 1000.