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  1. Instructions After Loop (LLETZ) procedure or Cone Biopsy
  2. Instructions after a Laparoscopy


Instructions after a Laparoscopy

Here is some information for you regarding what to expect after a laparoscopy.

  • It is normal to feel some abdominal discomfort and bloating after a laparoscopy. You may feel quite tender over your wound sites. The pain may be a dull constant pain or ‘period-like’ cramping. It should settle within 24-48 hours
  • It is quite common to feel pain in the tips of your shoulders (either one or both sides). This is normal and is due to the gas that was used to inflate your abdomen.
  • Your adhesive bandages on your abdomen can be removed the day or two after your operation. You will be advised if any sutures need to be removed.

What can you do after your operation?

  • It is suggested that you take it easy for a couple of days but you can resume your normal activities according to your level of comfort.
  • You can bathe and shower as normal. Make sure that you dry the wound sites well.
  • Use a sanitary pad (rather than a tampon) if you have slight vaginal bleeding after the procedure. It is normal to bleed a little after the procedure.
  • You may require some pain relief after the procedure. You may require stronger pain relief (such as “panadeine forte”) for a day or two after the operation, and milder pain relief (such as “panadol”) for a few days after that. You may also take voltaren or nurofen.
  • You can resume driving about 24 hours after recovery from surgery, but it is not advisable to drive if you are still taking stronger pain relief (such as “panadeine forte”).
  • You can resume sexual intercourse 2-3 days after the operation according to your level of comfort. In some cases it is advisable to wait longer, or until after you have stopped bleeding.
  • Please take any prescribed medication according to the directions given.


  • Your pain is severe, or does not settle significantly after a couple of days.
  • You have excessive bleeding or discharge from the vagina or the wound sites.
  • You experience increasing abdominal swelling.
  • You develop dizziness, fever or general ill feeling.

An appointment should be made at the rooms for a check up at the time that I recommend for you after the operation.