Good morning lovely patients. I will try to update as regularly as I can but don’t want to waste your time. My plan is to update you regarding:

– Logistics
– Information
– Resources
– Advice (and general ridiculous musings by myself to you)


Today the office is closed. Don’t panic, we are all well.

There are some days I do not consult due to other commitments. Today I am working from home (unless someone decides to have an emergency or let their baby fall out of them). It has been a frantic time for me and I need some time to regroup and strategise. I have scheduled surgery that needs consideration. My public hospital commitments at the Royal Womens require me to make plans with my team there to continue our duties to the general public.

I also need to make a lot of phone calls and attend to usual clinical duties.

I normally staff my office when I am not there, but these times necessitate that I protect my staff – both from unnecessary exposure by coming to work and from Erin and Zoe infecting each other. Hence, from now I will only have one staff member in at a time for 1-2 weeks, then they will swap. Don’t stress about them being unemployed and not getting an income – I have put into place a strategy to keep them being paid and ensure the practice stays open. They are part of my ‘family’ and I want to protect them and their families.
So any non-urgent calls need to wait until tomorrow – including appointments/ scheduling queries.

In the coming weeks my staff will be stretched – I usually need 2 staff to deal with the clinic requirements and attend to my diva-style needs (the regular coffee service on a tray, for example). So with only one staff member they will be a little frazzled (I will try to dial-down the diva behaviour) so BE NICE TO THEM EVEN IF YOU ARE STRESSED.

Anyone booked for tomorrow – please check this page later today for instructions. I will be reviewing every patient’s file to determine if they need to come in or if any special arrangements need to be made – including those booked for GTTs. However, unless otherwise instructed, attend for your usual appointment.

Any urgent calls can be made directly to the birth suite of your hospital (first port of call if you are over 24 weeks gestation) or you can page me on 9387 1000 if you are under 24 weeks or are directed to by the birth suite. This always applies – C-19 or not.

I will remind you all again later but CAESAREAN SECTIONS ARE NOT “ELECTIVE SURGERY” for the purposes of government restrictions. Even ‘elective’ (maternal choice) caesarean sections will proceed. Nobody will make you have a vaginal birth. Babies need to come out REGARDLESS of C19 and the way they come out is the same as if Volde-Virus didn’t exist.


I will be reviewing any new data and getting back to you with specific instructions about C19 (I can’t bring myself to use its full name – I think it is like the Voldemort of Viruses – I don’t want to speak its name).


As for information.


Limit your phone surfing, turn off the ABC (unless you are watching ABC for Kids. Peppa Pig is a tonic during these times). Give yourself some C19 free time.

Go for a walk today. Fresh air, exercise is critical to physical and mental well-being. The sky is not falling in, believe it or not. Seeing the beauty of nature reminds us of how beautiful life is. Smile (from a distance) to people you walk past. We all need to signal to our human family that we are connected.

I’ll be back in touch later today.