A quick update and an apology

1. The office is closed today

Leave admin stuff until tomorrow. We will be there bright and early Wednesday morning. More urgent medical issues follow your usual procedure as you would if it were a weekend. I am still available today but working from home. If you want a home birth you will have to come over to my place.

2. An apology

I have activated my Instagram account (come follow me!!! I need to break the internet!). I posted a mini version of the BP measurement video. However, it has brought to my attention that it was somewhat disconcerting and disappointing to the viewers that it was NOT funny. For that I am UNASHAMEDLY sorry.

For those of you who have been under my care you know that I can be serious when I need to be, but otherwise most of my day I can’t help seeing the funny side of things. Patients are an endless source of fascination to me and there are so many things that make me laugh. They make me laugh. I make them laugh. We laugh at their partners – usually when they are present (makes me feel better about the dumb things my own husband does). Then, without warning, I had the audacity to post MEDICAL instruction video WITHOUT being FUNNY.

Please forgive me, it was my first video and I am learning. I have opened a YouTube account…..and now TikTok. Maybe I can use those media to satisfy my patients’ needs for amusement! I will do whatever it takes to look after you ladies! I started to check out if TikTok was appropriate to use but got stuck on #ifhumansactedlikedogs. Hilarious! Maybe we can get all of you to post funny little pregnancy videos for my account (not like the Amy Schumer one – we could do better). I promise it won’t be like DrPimplePopper. More like DrBabyPopper.

I am sorry for my lack of mirth. I will try not to do it again.


Don’t Panic the Baby is Safe!

Women who are feeling despondent about IVF and other assisted reproductive techniques being side-lined need special support at this time. I want them to know that their ‘test-tube’ babies are growing and ready for them to collect in 2021!

The baby shown is actually in a medical device (called a Pigg-o-stat) designed for infants – two year olds to hold them still while they are being X-rayed. I don’t think they are used in Australia (bit disappointing really… I would love to have a photo of one of my four in the Pigg-o-stat).

Actually, I have posted a video on ‘the gram’ (see how cool I am Sarah Rowley) about Volde-virus and whether to have a baby or not, as well as concerns about IVF services. It is only short and doesn’t cover everything (obviously) but I will write more about it later.

In the meantime, follow my INSTAGRAM account to see more of these cute chubby little baby photos. Adorable! (but kind of unsettling. They look more confused than distressed) Don’t even google them – there is a dark side to people’s response. I just think they are super cute.