New PPE (personal protective equipment) in the office!

Hi dear patients and followers.

Just FYI, in keeping with the Coronavirus Carousel of Fun, I have arranged some new protective equipment for myself. Actually, it was my husband (as he loves me so much as doesn’t wish to see me infected with this new ‘Virus du Jour’) who has personally made and fitted my new ‘plague mask’. Yes, in accordance with my previously referred to ‘good old fashioned infection control’, I will be wearing a doctor’s plague suit into the office.

I attach photos of the originally documented medical plague doctor outfit, and photos of me suitably attired to attend to the patients. You will see why I have said no children in the office – might scare the bejesus out of them.


ps for those of you who are as gullible as I am it is only a joke. ha ha. I am completely hoping I will never need to go to such extremes. You can only imagine how terrifying it must have been in medieval times….

Medieval Times

Coronavirus Times!